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What is a Black type horse race?

Black type races may not be something you have come across but they are part of the horse racing jargon that often confuses punters. It is a race of high pedigree that, if a horse wins, means its name will be printed in bold black type on racing and breeding reports. This means buyers and stud owners can more easily identify ‘better’ horses when bidding for them at auction.

Black type horse race is a stakes race or a listed race. When a racehorse has his form written in the form book or sales catalog ,all of his races and results are listed. If he ever won a stakes race or listed race then it will be written in block capitals and bold black ink. That's why people call it a 'black type'. Everyone wants their horse to win a black type race, it makes their form stand out. Thoroughbred auction catalogues, the most valuable tool for buyers and breeders, list the accomplishments of horses in the family of the particular horse on offer.

This races originate from catalogues in the 1950s that indicated the quality of past races a horse had won. This evolved in the 1980s as the International Cataloguing Standards book was produced to outline the most important races in the world, while the Society of International Thoroughbred Auctioneers was also founded. The two worked to create an internationally-approved system for cataloguing horses and black type races. A black type race must, by definition, close for entries at least 72 hours before it is run. Fees must also be paid towards the purse by owners and/or additional money contributed by or through the host racetrack. It is important to note that changes in entry requirements, restrictions and purse levels for black type races are not retrospective. Once awarded black type in a pedigree, this information is unchanged and permanently maintained until and unless it is required to be replaced by more current data.

There is no minimum rating for Listed races, although these are considered to be 온라인경마 of greater importance than handicaps. The rules of betting do not change, just because a race is ‘Black Type’. It just means that the horses will be of a higher level of ability. The purses of ‘Black Type’ races will also be higher. The world’s richest races are all Group 1. It is grade or group status, depending on what country you are in.

The UK and Ireland boast plenty of black type races, which are identified as Group 1, 2 or 3 in the Flat season. In the National Hunt season, Cheltenham Festival is littered with black types. Around the world races such as the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Breeders’ Cup, Kentucky Derby and Melbourne Cup are also black type.

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